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Bodegas Ametzoi Txakoli di Getaria

Txakoli is known as Chacoli here, which is a lot easier. Chacoli is from the Basque region of Spain and is produced from Bilbao to San Sebastian. This comes the Getaria region and is a spot on fresh, green, lively spritzy dry white. Lemon and lime with a touch of saline on a zesty nose. 10.5% alcohol, it's really clean and very fresh, with crisp almost biting limey acidity that is not sharp and just makes the wine incredibly refreshing and way too drinkable.
Green, tangy fruits and crying out for some fresh fish. Think of it as a vinous Gin and Tonic in style, so clean zesty and refreshing! Production is tiny and not at all commercial therefore the wines are never inexpensive. I love it, it's almost addictive!!

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