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Carignan, 2018

South Africa Red

Swartland 75cl

Another cracking good bottle of wine and genuinely quite interesting. You don’t see Carignan as a stand-alone variety all that often in South Africa. As in Southern France, it has historically and predominantly been used in blends. The grape is prone to over-cropping, but planted competitively densely, on those tectonically twisted and tilted Malmesbury shales, up there in the hot and relatively dry Swartland, everything lines up to produce wine with concentration, depth, really attractive structure and quite delicious flavours. Something that quite definitely should be seen on its own. There’s something dark cherry in there, a very faint hint of liquorice and just a slight push of bitterness that adds some extra energy and a ‘come back for more’ feel to the finish.
Lovely served with a chill and worked well with a chinese beef stir-fry!

Published: 25 June 2020

, Author: Noel

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