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Weingut Ecker 'Eckhof'

Sankt Laurent 'Schlossberg', 2018

Austria Red

Wagrum 75cl

Love this winery and love the wines. This is a classic Austrian red in it's brighter juicier form, and just delicious.
Sankt/St Laurent is a grape that originates from a cross between Pinot Noir and ?? There are a few theories, but no-one is quite sure!
It can make a light juicy style or a bit heavier if picked later. This is in the bright crunchy style. Medium bodied and fresh and so versatile, it's cherry, plum and raspberry fruit make it an easy wine on its own but was also great with some delicious aged beef burgers tonight. Vivid in colour, bright and sappy. Reminds me of a Pinot Noir/Loire Cabernet Franc blend.

Published: 11 April 2019

, Author: Noel

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