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Weingut Zahel 'Orange T'

, 2019


Vienna 75cl

Buy a case for £183.00 (£15.25 per bottle)

A very intriguing and delicious wine - it deserves the full story from the importers..
"Zahel Orange T. NV
This is 100% Orangetraube and confusingly this is NOT an orange wine… it is, however, rare* andcomes with quite the backstory. Although recognised in the official ‘Lexicon of grape varietals’ byAugust Wilhelm von Babo (cracking name) in 1954 and cultivated across Germany and Austria it’snot on the official register of permitted varieties for the DAC Vienna. Because it’s not on the registerthey have to shorten its name on the label to ‘Orange T’ and they can’t print the vintage… though it is 2019 and you’ll be able to identify this from the lot number. Orangetraube is closely related to the Traminer family and the wine shows intense peach and apricot notes with a light touch of honeysuckle sweetness..
(* rare as in the ONLY one. We stand to be corrected but as far as we know this really is the
only mono-varietal Orangetraube in existence.)"
Tangy stone fruits, a hint of orange, fresh with good acidity, spice and a lively finish. Loads of character, would be interesting to see how it ages, but so hard to resist now!

Published: 19 September 2020

, Author: Noel

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