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Grosset 'Off-Dry'

Riesling, 2010

Australia White

Clare Valley 75cl

This is a single site riesling from the gently north-facing slopes of the Estate's second vineyard at Watervale. The soil is poorer and tougher than it is at nearby 'Springvale', and this challenging but beautiful site is planted to riesling and semillon (for the Semillon Sauvignon Blanc).
Developing this style of wine has been no spur of the moment whim for Grosset. This is the third year that he has made an off-dry riesling but it's the first occasion on which he's been happy enough with the result for him to release it under the Grosset label. His view is that the key to making a successful off-dry riesling lies in the vineyard work. The crop needs to be kept low and this has included fruit thinning (cutting off and dropping fruit) late in the growing season. The remaining grapes then achieve full ripeness, while still retaining high levels of acidity. Grosset is remaining tight lipped however as to the precise viticultural methods involved.

2010 Grosset Off-dry Riesling

The 2010 Grosset Off-dry Riesling has subdued, lavender, fresh herb aromas, lemon blossom while the palate is soft, round and smoothed out by a touch of sweetness that is deep and lingering, before being grasped by a clenched fist of acidity, pulling it tight and tingly. The finish is taut, ultra-crisp with a whisper of sweetness before the zesty dry grip takes over.
Notes above from the Grosset Website.

Interesting style, it's 11.5% alcohol with just under 20 grammes per litre of residual sugar and 9 grammes per litre acidity. The 2010 vintage being so early is clearly of great benefit to this style of wine. Lovely nose with white peach, delicate herb characters and classic lime citrus. It's another beautifully pure clean wine with tangy lime, apricot and ripe red apple, the slight sweetness perfectly balanced by crisp limey acidity, It is what it says it is - off-dry and beautifully balanced, Taut and minerally with a really dry finish. Again will age beautifully.

Published: 6 October 2010

, Author: Noel

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