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Dye Bleeding

Wildeberg Dye Bleeding Skin Contact Grenache Gris


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Fabulous new orange/rosé wine from Wildeberg.  Amphora aged Grenache Gris, from Paarl and fermented on skins and the result is a beautiful combination of energy and attitude. The ceramic portion makes up 75% of the blend with the remaining 25% coming from used oak. The way the Grenache Gris has slowly leached it’s inherent ‘pinkness’ into this wine gave us the cue to the name - it really is the vinous equivalent of popping your new red sock in with your white wash. You might be tempted to call this a rosé but it would have them fainting overboard or choking on their Niçoise down on the French Riviera – I’m not sure it needs a ‘label’, it’s for anyone interested in fantastic winemaking and those wanting to awaken the tastebuds that don’t normally see as much action!

It really is good, its clean and fresh with just a touch of grip from the skin contact making it a really good food wine. Tried tonight with some barbecued pork rib eyes with jersey royals and asparagus- great match ! Very limited quantity only 640 bottles for the uk !

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