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Valdespino Oloroso 'Solera 1842'

Valdespino Oloroso 'Solera 1842'


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One of my favourite sherries and I am delighted we are able to obtain it. Jancis Robinson made this sherry a wine of the week last November. "This wine is from a solera begun in the mid 19th century (though obviously, through fractional blending, the wine drawn from the solera today is nothing like that old.) But what I loved about it was that it is clearly long aged in oak, with lots of oxidative rancio notes, and yet has the balance of sweetness and even fruit just right. But this sherry has so much acidity and depth of nutty flavour that it tastes just off dry – quite dry enough to serve with a main course, or with cheese, ham or nuts." 37.5cl

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