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Sarabande 'PIG' Wines 'Orange Swine

Sarabande 'PIG' Wines 'Orange Swine


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The Orange Swine 2020 was fermented in two batches. The first was made from lightly pressed Roussanne grapes. We chose August 28. I kept the skins and added the lees from the pressed Roussanne juice. This one started to ferment overnight and was pressed after macerating for two days. The freshly squeezed wine then fermented in barrels at 22 ° C for 13 days.
The second batch was made from Marsanne which was harvested at around 14 degrees on September 11. The grapes were crushed in a 10 HL fermenter and left to ferment naturally and at hot temperature for 8 days. It was then pressed and combined with the Roussanne batch. A bit of bentonite was added to stabilize the protein before the wine was filtered and prepared for bottling.
Sugar g/L 0.6  Alcohol degree 13.12%  Total Acidity g / l 3.54
Volatile acidity g / l 0.34    Ph 3.54 Grapes - 50% Marsanne 50% Roussanne Production - ~ 1140 bottles

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