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Cambridge Distillery Dry Gin

Cambridge Distillery Dry Gin


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The Cambridge Distillery is the world''s first gin tailor, creating unique blends for some of the world''s best restaurants, bars, hotels and institutions, as well as discerning individuals. Their scientific approach to distillation has led to them being described as ''the pinnacle of the 21st century gin renaissance''. Continually revising and innovating, The Cambridge Distillery has produced some of the world''s most coveted gins. They are a small team (two people and a labrador) making a big impression. Cambridge Dry Gin is created from botanicals grown in the distillery gardens, and locally foraged throughout the year to make a gin for all seasons. The base note of Macedonian juniper is complimented by local botanicals such as lemon verbena, angelica seed, blackcurrant leaf, the herbs basil and rosemary, and flower petals from rose and violets. As with all of the Cambridge Distillery Gin gins each botanical is distilled individually, in volumes of less than 2 litres, under vacuum to preserve the freshest qualities possible.

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