Francois Lumpp

The new generation of Anne-Cécile and Pierre are now firmly implanted in this fine 9.5 hectare domaine, founded by their parents François and Isabelle in 1977, with no inherited vines. Francois’s measured and understated verdict on the 2017 vintage was “C’est bon. A vintage I like very much – and, especially, in Pinot. It was a hot summer, but no blockage. Yields were 20% down because of frost. Picking began at the beginning of September of beautiful, healthy fruit – with average maturities of 13.5 degrees, natural. Analytically, there is not much acidity and the pHs are quite high. However, there is no lack of freshness due to the good, natural levels of tartaric acid”. He believes it resembles 1999 – which is one of his favourite vintages. “The wines will age well - but won’t necessarily need to”. They use up to 70% new oak for their red wines and 30% for whites.

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Francois Raquillet

According to Francois, “The vines profited greatly from a very summery spring and bud-break was at the beginning of April – predicting an early vintage. From the middle of June, the vines were in flower and fruit set was rapid. Summer saw a few heat waves (canicules), which alternated with some cooler weather and showers. Maturity continued with a good rhythm and by the end of August, the first grapes were harvested – concluding on 12th September. They are wines with lots of vivacity with lovely weight and balance. They exhibit crisp fruit and will reveal themselves quite young. They are similar to 2012 in style”.

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Gaelle et Jerome Meunier

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Heritiers du Comtes Lafon

The hot and dry conditons in summer 2017 have yielded mixed blessings; the wines are deliciously ripe but the volumes have suffered a little due to drought stress. Picking began early at the end of August, with the resulting wines being described by Caroline as of really high quality, with good balance and maturity. Dominique and Caroline take great care to pick each parcel (and indeed sub-parcel) at precisely the right time to ensure optimum ripeness.

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Jean Chauvenet

‘Christophe Drag was a happy man when we visited, explaining that 2017 is the first full vintage since 2009. He was delighted with the wines as well, opining that they possess fruit, freshness and energy. The season was simple, with a little frost threatening at the end of April; the proximity to the town of Nuits meant that burning bales was not an option, but the dry conditions (in contrast to 2016) meant that there was limited damage. He began picking on the 9th September and finished on the 15th, bringing in the grapes between 12 and 13 degrees and using 15% new oak on the village wines and 20 to 30% on the Premiers Crus, essentially according to the number of barrels per cuvée. This is a genuinely impressive range of wines, one of the highlights of the vintage, and these wines continue to offer excellent value, particularly in comparison to some of their more fêted neighbours’.

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Jean Fournier

The scars of the 2016 vintage appear to have healed, although with Laurent’s positive attitude that was never in doubt. Having had to compromise his organic status last year to fight the mildew which followed the frost, he has begun organic certification again. Since 2016 Laurent has made a conscious effort to “have faith in the grapes”, and extract less from them, allowing the terroir to speak clearly. The results are exciting, the wines showing more grace, elegance and purity than ever before, and it is clear that this is one of the success stories of the vintage.

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Joseph Colin

Following the route taken by his elder brother, Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey, Joseph left the family domaine in 2016 to forge his own path. With only 6 hectares presently under vine, based in the hamlet of Gamay near Saint-Aubin, he is able to work in a way that was previously not possible.
Everything is carried out manually in the vines, with ploughing between the rows and no herbicides or chemical fertilizers. On the steep slopes of Chatenieres and Sentier du Clou, he grows grasses to combat erosion. He uses organic products whenever possible to control pests and diseases. For his white wines, the grapes are gently whole-cluster pressed, the must run-off straight into barrel, and is neither settled, chilled nor are sulphites added. Only indigenous yeasts are used. The wines spend 12 months in barrel, without bâtonnage and the barrels are topped twice a week. Racking is after 12 months, without SO2, when the moon is descending, on either "fruit" or "flower" days. Everything is done by gravity. After racking, the wines are lightly fined and sulfited and then spend 2 months in tank, prior to being bottled without filtration. He uses between 15% and 20% new oak barrels.
These are stunning wines – Exquisite, generous and full of intense flavours, whilst retaining great tension, poise, energy, minerality, and salinity.

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Joseph Voillot

This fine family-owned domaine, comprising 9 hectares of vines, has been run impeccably since 1995 by Jean-Pierre Charlot, son-in-law of Joseph Voillot who sadly passed away in July 2014. Over recent years Jean-Pierre has refined the quality and style of wines produced here. Sustainable viticulture holds sway. He has dispensed with the inclusion of stems, as he prefers the essence of fruit, and he has shortened the length of time the wines spend in barrel – typically 14-16 months followed by 1 month in stainless steel prior to bottling. Jean-Pierre has also reduced the percentage of new oak - now 10-20% depending on the cru. He prefers a light filtration, but no fining. Jean-Pierre is excited by the quality of his 2016s, understandably.

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JP Fichet

They say you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes, but in Jean-Philippe Fichet’s case you should substitute the word ‘shoes’ for ‘workbench’, where every tool has its place, lined up neatly on hooks on the wall in order of size. For me this epitomises a man who is precise, correct and pays great attention to detail. Thus his wines always have a sense of precision and freshness, and he is constantly striving to better himself.

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La Croix Senaillet

Richard and Stéphane Martin are making some of the most delightfully, crystalline-pure wines in the Mâconnais, from their 25 hectares of organic vineyards around Davayé.

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