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Porter's Gin

International Spirit's Challenge Gold Medal Winner
Josh, Ben and Alex had the collective aim of making a gin that tastes better than existing brands, is good to drink straight or with tonic, and has a subtly unique flavour. Professor Andrew Porter of the University of Aberdeen sourced a rotary evaporator which allowed the team to create the flavour they wanted through distilling alcohol with botanicals at very low temperatures, often known as cold distillation or vacuum distillation. After hundreds of tests, each of the 12 botanicals selected were only included to improve and balance the flavour of the gin. They found that Buddhas hand, a rare citrus fruit, and pink peppercorns worked extremely well with cold distillation whereas traditional botanicals generally worked better in a traditional copper pot still. For the traditional distillation the team have partnered with G&J Distillers in Warrington, England, (Est. 1761), and worked on their recipe together with them.
Porters is distilled in two parts; one in Aberdeen (modern/cold distillation) and the other in Warrington (traditional/pot-still distillation), they are both then combined during bottling. The 12 botanicals used in this exquisite Gin include, buddha''s hand, pink peppercorn, lemon, orange, almond and liquorice.

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