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Bessa Valley Winery 'Enira'

, 2004

Not Specified

Bulgaria Pazarjik Region 75cl

Bulgaria indeed. This must be the first Bulgarian wine i have bought sine the late 1980's when you could buy bloody good 10 year old Cabernet for 2.99. That was when the wineries were government controlled. Strangely since this ended many years ago the wines have been generally pedestrian. This wine is stocked by Waitrose. Seeing it on a gondola; the packaging and trendy bottle caught my eye. At closer inspection seeing it was Bulgarian and 8.99 and 14.5% alcohol it intrigued me to buy. Having consumed most of it i did some web research. It has had some press for sure, Jancis Robinson giving the venture a big write-up. It's partly owned by Stephan von Neipperg from Chateau Canon La Gaffeliere fame. He consults extensively elsewhere. Some Geman involvement too. It's apparently a blend of 80% Merlot, around 20% Cabernet (also includes a splash of Syrah so percentgaes are a little approximate). Deep in colour, it has a big jammy, porty nose even a touch of raisin with plum, liquorice and oak. It's big and ripe on the palate too. Quite raisiny with black fruits, spice and oak. Mocha too. It's seemingly been made in a new world style. It's a touch overripe for me with a hint of hotness and raisin. But there is also good fruit and a touch of style. If not quite there it's a hundred times better than anything i have tasted in 15 years. Be good to see this a little more restrained. It's an ambitious project so for sure we will see a lot more from this winery. Buy for interest sake than intrinsic quality att present, but there is potential for sure.

Published: 14 February 2006

, Author: Noel

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