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Noel Young Wines

J. Lohr 'Wildflower'

Valdiguié, 2011

USA California Red

Monterey 75cl

Valdiguié is a pretty much forgotten variety, it hails from France but very few plantings exist as it's not seen as a quality grape, prone to a high yield. It did however find it's way too the US and a few growers still have this variety, the most notable being J Lohr. It's a low tannin fruity wine, with lots of bright fruit. It's best served cool. Raspberry, cherry, boysenberry on the nose. Bright and juicy with raspberry and blackberry fruits to the fore, soft tannins and good acidity. It's not a hugely complex wine and nor is it made to be, more a lovely summery red with a wealth of fruit, really quite appealing.

Published: 15 May 2013

, Author: Noel

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