Chateau de Saint Cosme Cotes du Rhone 'Les Deux Albion' 2016


Chateau de Saint Cosme – ‘Les Deux Albion’ – 2016 red Côtes du Rhône
Co-fermented Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, Mourvèdre and Clairette.
Whole cluster fermentation. Vatting for six weeks.
Clay hillsides (ancient alluvium), limestone marl and pebbles.
Ageing in wooden tanks (truncated cone shape) and concrete tanks.
Les Deux Albion is a co-fermentation of grape varieties and vineyard sites, in other words, the antithesis of the concept of named vineyard. When my father explained the advantages, from a winemaking and quality perspective, of co-fermentation, everything seemed simple and clear. It is the prerogative of all good teachers to give their students the sweet impression that acquiring knowledge is simple. Obviously, this kind of context allows you to progress faster because with effort comes pleasure. My father was for me my
finest master; in fact, he was my only master and learning my profession from him was a long and beautiful journey of initiation. Under the Ancien Régime in an era of corporations, sons learnt their trades from their fathers, whether they were craftsmen, musicians or farmers for example. They signed up to a lengthy
apprenticeship which offered several advantages: they could explore every aspect of the job, acquire in-depth knowledge and immerse themselves in the culture of their profession through actual first-hand experience. When a father felt that his son was ready, when he felt he had learnt everything there was to
learn, he would gradually let him stand on his own two feet. And the pupil could perhaps even become the master in turn, by drawing on his experience to use his talent to greater effect.
Strawberry, gingerbread and violet.
Bottled unfiltered." Louis Barruol

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Chateau de Saint Cosme Gigondas 2016


"Looking first at the base 2016 Gigondas, it’s certainly going to be another outstanding wine from Barruol. Based on 70% Grenache and the rest close to an even split of Syrah and Mourvèdre, it offers classic St Cosme notes of dark fruits, tapenade, pepper and smoked earth.
It has plenty of tannin and will need 2-3 years of cellaring and shine for a decade or more." Jeb Dunnuck

"Château de Saint Cosme – 2016 red Gigondas
70% Grenache - 14% Syrah – 15% Mourvèdre - 1% Cinsault. Whole cluster fermentation.
Twelve months’ ageing: 20% in new casks - 50% in casks used for one to four wines - 30% concrete tanks.
Limestone marl and Miocene sand soils.
After the superb 2015, we now have the magnificent 2016. Having two great vintages in a row is virtually unheard-of. Our Gigondas epitomises my father’s approach to winemaking. He had a very precise idea of ripeness. The nearer we got to harvesting, the more he would analyse and taste the fruit, constantly
walking up and down the rows of vines to make sure he harvested at the ideal time. Understanding ripeness and vintage effect is the very first thing he taught me, when I was still a child. Because that’s exactly what children love! Tasting grapes, walking through the vineyards and observing then pressing the
sample of grapes and looking at the outcome in the lens of the refractometer – the incredible tool we acquired in 1981. Involving his children in the fun parts of wine growing is a good way for a father to get them ‘hooked’…
Co-fermenting grape varieties, which is what we do with our Gigondas, is something my father always did. He hated fermenting grape varieties separately, which is why at Saint Cosme, the early-ripening cultivars are planted in the late-ripening sites and the late-ripening varieties in the early-ripening sites. In this way, they all ripen at the same time and can therefore be co-fermented.
The 2016 was his final vintage and it is a stellar vintage. Grape harvesting was a time of the year he adored – the magical smell of fermenting grapes, balmy days, interesting discussions, the bustle of the estate and the golden hues of sunset. Strawberry, violet, liquorice and pepper.
Bottled unfiltered." Louis Barruol

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Saint Cosme St Joseph 2016


"Saint Cosme – 2016 Saint Joseph
100% Serine (ancient variety of Syrah).
70% Destemmed fruit – 30% Whole cluster fermentation.
Granite sand from Malleval vale.
Twelve months’ ageing: 20% in new casks – 40% in casks used for one wine - 40% in casks used for two or three wines.
Saint Joseph is probably the one Rhone Valley appellation that deserves much more recognition. Firstly because it can produce top-flight wines, but also because every one of its terroirs is wonderful. It is a great irony that the ‘longest’ appellation (all 50km of it!) in the Rhone Valley is also one of the most demarcated. Only the steepest hillsides with ancient soils of decomposed granite are included in the appellation area.
Our 2016 Saint Joseph encapsulates the ‘tension’ imparted by these soils, where the roots have to struggle to allow the vines to live. The resultant wines show an intensity and vibrancy that recall their origins. In 2016, Saint Joseph’s tell-tale freshness is evident and supports a complex, long-lasting whole. You may have wondered about the meaning of the wind rose on our Saint Joseph label. It is an engraving by Jean Barruol, my historian grandfather. My father and I chose it for the Saint Joseph label because it symbolises
the notion of freedom. Freedom, though, implies a certain amount of control over events and also, some determination. It is so important, vital even – it opens up new horizons but is not a licence to do anything and everything because essentially, it is all about sharing.
Peony, wild blueberry, liquorice and tobacco." Louis Barruol.
Bottles unfiltered.

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Saint Cosme Cote Rotie 2016


"Saint Cosme – 2016 Côte-Rôtie
100% Serine (ancient variety of Syrah).
Whole cluster fermentation. Schist in the Le Plomb, Besset, la Viaillère and Neve named vineyards.
Twelve months’ ageing: 40% in new casks – 60% in casks used for one wine.
When I began our small artisanal merchant business in 1997, after a long day’s tasting in the northern Rhone, one evening I brought my father back some samples of Côte Rôtie. The wines came from the beautiful schist soils of Rozier and Les Grandes Places. This was a time when wine growers from different regions rarely engaged with one another, and he had never tasted Côte Rôtie. But he had the openmindness of an artist and loved the wines – maybe because their freshness and violet aromas reminded him slightly of Saint Cosme’s Gigondas wines? I believe so.
This 2016 Côte Rôtie is magnificently classical in style. A top Côte Rôtie should never be overripe or underripe – just like in Burgundy, it is
primarily all about balance and restraint. In extreme cases, terroir effect can easily be disfigured or even disappear.
The wheatear featured on our label comes from an 18th century Provencal book on ornithology that my father gave me. He was extremely passionate about birds and believed that their ubiquity in the tiny valley of Saint Cosme was crucial both for biodiversity and organic wine growing. Ever the pioneer, he was already championing these ideas back in the 1970s. Farming cannot disregard nature that is all around us,
and even less damage it.
Cured ham, violet, graphite, cold ash and liquorice. Bottled unfiltered."
Louis Barruol

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Chateau de Saint Cosme Gigondas Mixed 6 pack 2016


Due to our tiny allocations of the single vineyard wines we are only offering them as a mixed 6 pack, and we only have 6 of these!
2 bottle each Gigondas, Gigondas 'Hominis Fides'
1 bottle each Gigondas 'Le Claux' and Gigonas 'Le Poste'

Tasting notes from Jeb Dunnuck

"2016 Château de Saint Cosme Gigondas Hominis Fides 98-100
Leading off the special cuvees and from the sandiest parcel of the estate, the 2016 Gigondas Hominis Fides (100% Grenache) has perfection written all over it! Just as fine, elegant and seamless as it gets, yet also with blockbuster depth and richness, it boasts incredible notes of black raspberries, loamy/sandy soils nuances, game, and camphor. Don’t miss it!

2016 Château de Saint Cosme Gigondas Le Claux 99-100
The 2016 Gigondas Le Claux has slightly more mid-palate depth compared to the HominisFides, yet is also more tannic and structure. Damp clay, forest floor, currants spice and huge minerality all soar from the glass and this full-bodied beauty has an unctuous texture that’s currently hiding serious amounts of tannin. Forget bottles for 4-5 years and enjoy over the following 15+.

2016 Château de Saint Cosme Gigondas Le Poste 97-99
Coming from Barruol’s favorite vineyard located on just up the hill from the domaine, the 2016 Gigondas Le Poste is another huge wine, and probably the richness, ripest example of this cuvee I’ve tasted. Possessing almost overflowing amounts of blackberry fruits, graphite, spring flowers and huge minerality, it offers awesome purity, full-bodied richness, and a great, great
finish. I can’t wait to taste this from bottle."

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