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Alvaro Palacios 2015 Priorat, Bierzo and Rioja offer March 2018

We are delighted to be doing an offer on these amazing wines which have just arrived in the UK and at prices just marginally more expensive than the En Primeur prices of May 2016. Quantities are very limited and offered were we can by the case - mostly 3x75cl and by the bottle. All case prices are UNDER BOND. All the wines are available duty paid so please ask for a price, likewise by the bottle under bond. These wines have had sensational press and are in great demand.

2015 has produced some stunning wines in the Álvaro Palacios portfolio.

It was a hot, dry summer in Priorat with the highest average temperatures since records began. The hardy, old vines flourished in such conditions, producing a bountiful harvest of beautiful quality; Álvaro refers to it as a 'luminous year'. What is notable about these wines is their vibrancy of fruit, allied to their exceptional freshness and purity. There is an addititonal sophistication in the 2015s which is truly impressive. We are delighted to add the new, single vineyard Les Aubaguetes to this year's offer.

Bierzo also experienced a warm, dry summer but here rain at harvest brought complications. Ricardo Palacios had to act quickly; the harvest, which would normally take place over two months, was over in just four weeks. However, against all expectations, the vintage conditions seem to have brought a balance and harmony to these wines, which otherwise could have become overly rich and tannic due to the heat. They are lovely examples of the Mencia grape.

Last but by no means least, this year we also feature in our offer the first UK release of Quiñon de Valmira from Rioja. Words cannot do justice to the incredible elegance of this wine, more akin to a fine Burgundy than a Rioja. It is a stellar achievement, one more than worthy of a man who became 2015 Decanter Man of the Year as well as being recently voted 2016 Winemakers' Winemaker of the Year by the Institute of Masters of Wine.

Alvaro Palacios Priorat 'Finca Dofi' 2015


The 2015 Finca Dofi also has a wonderful fragrance but is a very different expression to the Gratallops. Macerated red fruit dominates here bringing a richness and a luscious quality to the wine. The mouthfeel is concentrated and sensual yet the wine is still incredibly fresh with classic Priorat notes of nectarine, pomegranate and grapefruit peel adding a lively vibrancy. The brown slate of Finca Dofi makes it the warmest site of the single vineyard wines, and it really is rather gorgeous.
95% Garnacha, 4% Samsó (Carignan), 1% white varieties.

"This is a very tight and fine-grained red with a compressed mouthfeel. The fruit comes through to a class and elegance. Such length. Ethereal structure. Unique. Drink or hold." 97 pts James Suckling Jan 2018

Retail price £52.75 Per bottle

Buy now Case Qty: 3 Under Bond Case Price: £108.00 (£36.00 per bottle)

Or buy by the bottle

Alvaro Palacios Priorat 'Gratallops Vi de Vila' 2015


The 2015 Gratallops is an incredibly fragrant wine. A field blend of 85% Garnacha, 13% Samsó (Carignan) and 2% white varieties such as Garnacha Blanca, it is almost Syrah-like on the nose with hints of violets and dark cherries. The palate displays a similar Syrah quality with a wonderful mineral note of granite and a herbaceous freshness, yet a broader texture and lovely weight on the palate denotes its Priorat origins. This may be the Village offering of the Priorat range but with a yield of only 12.75hl/ha it is hardly surprising that it is a beautifully crafted, long and superbly elegant wine.
"A beautiful focus and brightness to the Priorat with blueberry, blackberry and mineral character. Medium body, extremely fine-grained tannins and a clean finish. Perfumed. Drink or hold. " 94 pts James Suckling

Retail price £39.75 Per bottle

Buy now Case Qty: 6 Under Bond Case Price: £153.00 (£25.50 per bottle)

Or buy by the bottle

Alvaro Palacios Priorat 'L'Ermita' 2015


L'Ermita, the 1.40ha jewel in the Priorat crown, is just beautiful in 2015. Made from vines ranging from 76- to 105-years old, this has an exceptional perfume of red and black cherries, tangerine peel and exotic spice. The fragrant sensation continues on the palate with notes of cherry blossom allied to the dark fruit and mineral notes of wet granite. This is one of those rare wines that manages to combine a round and luscious texture with a linear, lean and fresh profile on the palate. It is a harmonious, complete wine with an incredibly long finish. Álvaro refers to this as 'a contained force' and a 'live elixir'; there is no denying L'Ermita's place as one of the best wines in the world and in 2015 it is truly exceptional.

"Aromas of blueberry, purple fruits, violet petal, blue slate ... moss. Full body yet compacted and compressed with amazing mouthfeel of fine-grained tannins. Structured yet superbly balanced making it so attractive now. 2,300 bottles made. Drink or hold." 98 pts James Suckling Jan 2018

Retail price £750.00 Per bottle

Buy now Case Qty: 3 Under Bond Case Price: £1,599.00 (£533.00 per bottle)

Or buy by the bottle

Alvaro Palacios Priorat 'Les Aubaguetes' 2015


Les Aubaguetes may be a new wine to the Palacios' portfolio this year but Álvaro has been working with the vineyard for many, many years. The name gives much of its secret away; Les Aubaguetes means 'the shadiest' as the wines face north and are most sheltered from the sun. The exposition and aspect of the vineyard, coupled with the 115-year-old vines growing here, meant that Les Aubaguetes consistently produced the very best fruit of all the vineyards forming the bought-in component of Les Terrasses blend. In 2013, following the retirement of the grower the previous year, Álvaro was finally able to buy the site himself and here is the result.
The wine has massive concentration with incredibly sweet red cherries and plums from the 80% old vine Garnacha mixing with darker, prune notes of the 19% Samsó. The remaining 1% of this field blend is formed of the smattering of white grapes in the 1.34ha vineyard. The huge difference here compared the other wines is the shape of the tannins, which give the impression of soft, gentle tea leaves on the palate. This is an intense, rich wine with a long finish.

"The intensity of this wine is phenomenal. It's not about concentration but depth and mouthfeel with ultra-fine tannins. So much rust and iron. White pepper. This is from only 1.4 hectares of ancient vines planted in 1901. Drink now or hold." 97 pts James Suckling

Retail price £179.95 Per bottle

Buy now Case Qty: 3 Under Bond Case Price: £387.00 (£129.00 per bottle)

Or buy by the bottle

Alvaro Palacios Priorat 'Les Terrasses' 2015


"Beautiful nose of crushed raspberries and plums with floral and stony undertones. Slate,too. Full body, a great velvety tannin structure and wonderful harmony. Incredible purity. Long, fresh and flavourful finish. Drink now or hold." 94 points James Suckling

Retail price £32.99 Per bottle

Buy now Case Qty: 6 Under Bond Case Price: £128.00 (£21.33 per bottle)

Or buy by the bottle

Descendientes de J.Palacios Bierzo 'La Faraona' 2015


At 97%, La Faraona contains the highest proportion of Mencia of all the Descendientes de J. Palacios wines. That, along with the tiny vineyard area of 0.55ha at 970m altitude on poor, volcanic soils has produced a wonderful wine in 2015 that is fine, direct and straight as an arrow. The perfume is not quite as lifted yet as the Moncerbal but it is so elegant, so very fresh that it is a delight to taste, with black cherries and granite notes complementing each other superbly. Ricardo points out that there is a lovely bitter almond note to the nose in 2015 which is usually only present whilst the wine is still in barrel. This is an exceptionally beautiful wine with harmony, integrity and sheer sophistication.
"The very complete, exuberant, aromatic and ever-changing in the glass 2015 La Faraona was tough competition for the perfect 2014. Originally, half of the vines from La Faraona were white varieties; after regrafting for five years, the regrafted vines have produced grapes, so yields and production figures are a lot higher. There was a big fire next to La Faraona a couple of months before they harvested, and they feared the wine would show some smoky notes, but fortunately, it does not. It felt very balanced, keeping the freshness, very obviously young but approachable now. Ricardo Pérez Palacios prefers this 2015 to the 2014, but today I give the 2014 the edge. But let's see if we can compare them again in ten years time..." 99 pts Luis Gutiérrez, Robert Parker's Wine Advocate
"This has so much iron and blood character with dark fruit and spice. Intense aromas. Full body with an endless depth and structure. The chewy, yet fine-grained tannins are fantastic. A great, classic wine. Handmade from some of the steepest vineyards in the world. 1,700 bottles. Drink in 2020 and onwards." 99 pts James Suckling

Retail price £695.00 Per bottle

Buy now Case Qty: 3 Under Bond Case Price: £1,450.00 (£483.33 per bottle)

Or buy by the bottle

Descendientes de J.Palacios Bierzo 'Las Lamas' 2015


Much darker than Villa de Corullón, with a meaty, almost animal nose, La Lamas is made from 85% Mencia, plus other indigenous grapes, from six small parcels of vines ranging from 60 to 120 years old at 700m altitude. Dark fruit and hedgerow notes come to the fore on the supple palate and the harmony between power and elegance is exceptional. This is a finely crafted wine.

"Curiously enough, the 2015 Las Lamas felt more focused and defined than the 2014, despite having been a warmer year. It sometimes seems like the warmer, southern exposure of the vineyard really shines in warmer years, when in principle, it should be the other way around. I even found notes of blood orange here, which I tend to associate with cooler vintages and northern exposures. But in any case, this 2015 is truly exceptional. It took some time to open up in the glass, so if you pull the cork anytime soon, decant it in advance, but I'm sure the best for this 2015 is yet to come. 3,649 bottles and some other formats were filled in March 2017." 96+ Luis Gutiérrez, Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

Retail price £69.95 Per bottle

Buy now Case Qty: 3 Under Bond Case Price: £145.00 (£48.33 per bottle)

Or buy by the bottle

Descendientes de J.Palacios Bierzo 'Villa de Corullón' 2015


Villa de Corullón is a field blend of 89% Mencia, the rest being other indigenous grapes, both white and red. Broad aromas of plums and loganberries mix with earthy blackberry notes on the nose. The palate is where the Mencia grape takes off, however, with the lovely sensation of perfume that this variety brings. Gorgeous, lifted notes of red and black fruit vie for superiority, all supported by grainy tannins and a long, fresh finish.

"Ricardo Pérez Palacios told me his favourite overall vintages for Bierzo are 2001, 2012 and possibly 2015, because he sees them as very complete years, even if 2015 didn't have as perfect conditions as 2001 and 2012; the 2015 Corullón is a perfect example of that, a really pretty wine, open, where I see the similarities with 2012. They use many of the vineyards year after year, all of them around the village of Corullón, all planted with a field blend of varieties, and they have been increasing the percentage of white grapes from those vines that they include in the cuvée. In 2015, it can be almost 9%, mostly Palomino, and they feel it polishes that slight bitterness in the finish of the Mencía, reminiscent of green almonds. Of course, there are also other red grapes, like Alicante Bouschet, Gran Negro, Pan y Carne and Negreda, that might contribute to some 2% of the volume." 95 pts Luis Gutiérrez, Robert Parker's Wine Advocate.

Retail price £33.95 Per bottle

Buy now Case Qty: 6 Under Bond Case Price: £130.00 (£21.67 per bottle)

Or buy by the bottle

Palacios Remondo 'Quiñón de Valmira' Rioja 2015


2015 is the second vintage of Valmira but the first vintage to be released in the UK. Put simply, the wine is a revelation. Made from 100% Garnacha, from vines grown at 620m altitude around Monte Yerga in the Rioja Baja, it is quite unlike any other Rioja you will ever have tasted. The translucent ruby-mauve colour gives the first indication that this wine may have more similarities with Pinot Noir than with Grenache. Exceptionally aromatic, there is a mineral, wet stone quality to the nose which immediately recalls Burgundy. Equally the palate has the weight of Pinot Noir but with a core of gorgeous, sweet red fruit and incredible elegance. This is an exceptional, ethereal wine.
"A delicate yet complex red with perfumes of strawberries and flowers. Medium body, ultra-fine tannins and bright acidity. The length and beauty is so impressive. Great mouthfeel and depth. Drink or hold." 96 pts James Suckling

Retail price £290.00 Per bottle

Buy now Case Qty: 3 Under Bond Case Price: £615.00 (£205.00 per bottle)

Or buy by the bottle

Palacios Remondo Rioja 'Propiedad' 2015


"A pure garnacha that shows incredible depth and freshness with strawberry and berry character. Plush on the entrance, it turns precise and focused at the finish. Vivid and bright. Drink now." 94 pts James Suckling Jan 2018

Retail price £32.49 Per bottle

Buy now Case Qty: 6 Under Bond Case Price: £124.00 (£20.67 per bottle)

Or buy by the bottle

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