Domaine Confuron-Gindre

Confuron is a well-known name in the village. We asked Francois Confuron about the family and he said there are four of them in the village. “Do you get on with each other?” I asked. “No” he replied with a smile. Nothing so unusual about that, it seems.

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Domaine de Cherisey

If ever there was a domaine which should benefit from global warming it must be this one. Perched high on the top of the hill in Blagny, straddling the divide between Puligny and Meursault, Laurent Martelet uses this cooler microclimate to his advantage, producing wines of unrivalled elegance and energy. The real step change here has come since Laurent moved into new, purpose-built cellars which allow him to work exactly as he wants, rather than having his winemaking dictated by the rabbit warren of charming but ultimately unsuitable buildings he previously used. This move has allowed him to add extra refinement and precision to his winemaking, producing wines of great character and elegance. 2015 was undeniably the vintage for Blagny; its high altitude kept temperatures a couple of degrees cooler than lower down on the slope, whilst the unique soil profile – with relatively deep clay on top of limestone – stored water through the drier months and allowed the vines to avoid hydric stress. Despite the warmth of the vintage Laurent explained that the levels of alcohol were very modest, around 13°, helped by his vines’ unique location and his decision to pick early on the 28th August.

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Domaine de la Vougeraie

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Domaine Felettig

If any domaine has made a more meteoric ascent over the last handful of vintages, we would be extremely surprised. Why? Quite simply, after beginning with his father in 2000 and taking over in 2005, Gilbert was dissatisfied by his 2009s, which he found over-ripe and excessively oaky. He therefore set about changing everything. Organic viticulture and lower yields meant that he could pick earlier to retain freshness. Then, gentler extraction, no pumping, everything by gravity and a more judicious use of oak has resulted in finer, purer wines with greater definition. He has also built a brand new cuverie this year. In 2015, he picked between 5th and 12th September. The grapes were in perfect health, with natural alcohols of 12.5-13%. Genuine star wines.

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Domaine Heresztyn-Mazzini

Florence Heresztyn-Mazzini has stamped an immediate signature onto the domaine which she now runs, with her husband Simon, beginning with the 2012 vintage. There are some changes to the vineyards so the domaine she has taken over has 5.5 hectares of vines, a reduction from the 9ha of previous years. The other 3.5 ha, which includes all of the Gevrey Corbeaux, are owned by her uncle and aunt and are being farmed separately, for now at least. So, perhaps temporarily, Corbeaux has disappeared from the portfolio. New modern labels have appeared, and, most importantly, of course, there are some new ideas being implemented in both vineyard and cellar. Grape selection has been intensified, smaller boxes are used for transporting the grapes, and the proportion of whole bunches has also increased in 2012 towards 50%. Florence is now also following lutte raisonnée viticultural practices which are taking them towards organic farming, and a reduction of 30% in the number of spraying treatments previously employed. The wines spend the same long period on the lees as before, with malolactics continuing to take their time.
There are immediately noticeable differences in the wines. Most strikingly, the wines seem fresher, more defined, a touch slimmer, and more energetic. Perfumes are excellent, and tannins are fine,
polished and fit comfortably around the fruit. We have enjoyed the wines of the domaine over the past decade, but we have a new dawn here, and everything is in place to give the domaine a big push forwards.

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Etienne Sauzet

This long established estate goes from strength to strength under the guidance of Gérard Boudot's son in law, Benoit Riffault. Over the past few years more vines have been bought and less fruit is now bought in, giving greater control over their raw ingredients. It is always fascinating tasting here as no two wines taste alike. If there is a house style it is a non-interventionist one that allows the terroir to speak. Benoit picked nice & early here and the wines are impressive.

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Heritiers du Comtes Lafon

It will come as no surprise to learn that this was one of the earliest estates to harvest in the Mâconnais, beginning in the final week of August. As a result the alcohol levels are all no higher than 13.5°. Dominique explained that volumes at the Mâconnais property in 2015 were reasonably good, although the Clos du Four and Mâcon Chardonnay are more limited this year and several plots were down on 2014. All of the wines are bottled, either in July or September depending on the cuvée. The aim here is to make wines which are fresh and elegant, rather than ‘old-fashioned’ style Mâcon wines with high degrees of alcohol and some residual sugar. There is no doubt that Dominique is having an influence on the overall style of Mâcon wines by bringing a more modern approach to the region.

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Louis Boillot et Fils

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Nicolas Rossignol

Nicolas Rossignol established his domaine in 1997, starting out with 3 hectares of vines spread across the principal red wine villages of the Côte de Beaune. Later acquisitions in Savigny lès Beaune in 2005 effectively doubled his holdings. Further purchases brought his total to 16 hectares. Unlike last year when hail, especially in Pommard and Volnay where Nicolas’ vineyards are located, decimated volumes, Nicolas is smiling in 2015! High quality and a reasonable volume at the same time. An excellent vintage, which is now housed in his brand new cuverie on the edge of Beaune, in which he can vinify each cru by terroir and by parcel. The tannins are beautifully sculpted, whilst the fruit is vibrant, yet rich and expressive of the various terroirs. A great success! Magnums available for all wines. Please contact us if you require more information.

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Robert Chevillon

Brothers Bertrand and Denis Chevillon have taken after their father, working with meticulous attention to detail, in order to maintain the impeccable reputation of the highly esteemed Domaine Robert Chevillon. Blessed with many Premiers Crus, the domaine is also producing a textbook Nuits St Georges, which is masculine and powerful but with enough succulent fruit to make it approachable when young. Very fine wines in 2015 that marry brilliantly the signature finesse with intensity and typicité.

All wines are subject to confirmation and 1er Cru purchases will require village purchase as well.

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